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Our School Day


Dropping your child off at school

As a general rule children should not arrive at school before 835am when there will be members of staff on duty in both the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. Once a child has arrived, they must not leave the school again without permission. Children should go straight to the  to their classroom when the school doors are opened. The school day officially starts at 845am. 

Collecting your child from school

At the end of the school day please wait for KS1 and KS2 children in the KS2 playground. The gates to these will be opened at 310pm, ready for collection at 315pm. The children will be brought out to the playground by their teachers.  Children will only be released to known parents or carers. If a parent wishes their child to go home with another adult, or independently, they must inform the school office or teacher beforehand. The school day officially finishes 315pm. 

Morning break

Children can bring a snack to school for this break. We ask that children only bring healthy foods (such as fruit or vegetables). Please make sure that it can be eaten easily whilst the children are in the playground. The children are also encouraged to have a drink at break time. They can have either water, a drink brought from home, or cartons of milk can be purchased. Please see the School Secretary for a form to order milk. Children entitled to free school meals are also entitled to free school milk.

Parent’s at the School Gate

Many friendships develop at the school gate. You will be able to share school related concerns with more experienced parents and ease some worries you may have. However, sometimes what is said may not be true, or the full information, and consequently may make you more anxious. If you have any concerns, always talk to the class teacher to avoid being misinformed.

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